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HQTECH INC. is one  of the leading companies of SQA and IT development in Korea. We, HQTECH INC., have been working with Samsung Electronics and other Korean companies as a cooperative firm in the field of SQA and IT development since our establishment in 2008.


Our major businesses are SQA and IT development.

SQA is short for software quality assurance. We carry out a process of testing, verification, and improvement of software with our self-developed technology. Our relationship with our clients have been built on mutual trust owing to our excellent and loyal technical services. IT developmet includes e-paper equipped device and car black box (dash cam).


E-paper is a display device that reproduces the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional displays that emit light, e-paper does not use backlight. Instead, e-paper reflects ambient light like paper. This may make it more comfortable to read, and provide wider viewing angle than most light emitting displays. So e-paper can be read in direct sunlight without the image appearing to fade. Moreover, e-paper only consumes a micro amount of power when the content on it is changing. Therefore, it consumes almost no electric power. And it's very flexible and light. Due to these characteristics, e-paper can be applied to various products such as mobile power bank, smart phone case, electronic pricing label, billboard, digital signage, and the like. We develop and supply various e-paper applied products that will lead the market.


Our newly-developed e-paper battery pack is a new concept mobile power bank for IT devices like smartphones and tablets that comes with e-paper display. This product shows how an e-paper can be applied to develop a new product. The time and battery power level are in a constant state of being expressed on the e-paper display screen of battery pack. In addition, you can get notifications from your smartphone right on the battery screen with glance via Bluetooth pairing. So you don't have to turn on the display of smartphone to check if there are any calls or messages received.


Car black box (dash cam), as you may know,  is a specialized onboard device that continuously records video while the vehicle is in operation or parked as well; it records video of accidents or impacts and saves the footage for the later viewing, and can act as a witness to an accident. With regard to dash cam, what we focus on is to be faithful to the basics of dash cam as an in-vehicle video recordin device for drivers to securely save necessary information in case unexpected accidents. And we are sure that our product can safely provide necessary informatiion about accidents when you need it most. It's already been exported to South-east Asia and there have been no reports of operation trouble so far.


We are expanding our global market and hope our clients will be satisfied with the quality we'er

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Membership: On ECPlaza since 2016
Business Type: Manufacturer
Location: Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Product Category: Car Black Box
Main Item / Product: dash cam, car dvr, power bank, battery pack
Keywords: dash cam, Car Dvr, Power Bank
Main Target Region: World Wide
Representative / CEO's Name: YUN SUNGHWA
Year Established: 2008

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